Where Do You Provide Deposit Guarantee Claim Services?

Bank deposit insurance offers liquidity to eligible account holders when their bank fails or is likely to fail. The objective of deposit insurance is to keep the real economy going while the public remains confident in the financial system. Even though terminology assumes that bank deposits are always guaranteed up to the insured limits, there are exclusions and claim ineligibility. Deposit Guarantee Claim services and applications to domestic investor compensation schemes play an important role in the recovery process.

Legal Floris LLC led by Floris Alexander provides recovery services for international creditors of banks, investment firms and other financial institutions. Different reasons exist for the moratorium on bank deposits and investment funds. These reason may differ from country to country. For international and non-resident creditors this often results in a frustrating and time-consuming exercise to fully comprehend the framework and avoid DGS claim rejections.

The failure of a financial institution affects account holders who often have no influence over the events that caused the moratorium on their accounts. Still they are drawn into difficult administrative procedures to recovery their money. The main stages include statutory administration, deposit insurance and bank liquidation. Meanwhile, creditors may impose legal action against the bank to create a priority position or reveal alternative ways for asset recovery.

Asset and fund recovery can be complicated. For international bank account holders this is even furthered. They have to deal with foreign regulators and distinct procedures to get matters solved. This time consuming process contains risk and may trigger further delays in repayment. To accommodate swift solutions and assistance with claim filing procedures, we provide Deposit Guarantee Claim filing services for international customers in most jurisdictions. Our vast experience with DGS claim submission in several European countries and Middle America allow us to identify the hazards of claim submission and use these to the advantage of our customers.

Legal Floris LLC aims to be the consultant where international bank account holders go to get their DGS claim approved. This means that we need to be present to maximize the outcome of a DGS claim. Irrespective of the jurisdiction, Legal Floris LLC is on location to assist creditors with the DGS claim filing procedures. This also includes possible resubmission and reinspection of claims and appeals to decisions of a DGS management committee. Our customers need their claim approved. We help them comply with all the terms and conditions to ensure a flawless DGS claim with maximum success. Over the years, our team was present in The Bahamas, Belgium, Bermuda, Cyprus, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Malta, the UK and the USA to manage financial challenges of our clients.