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Realistic expectations. That is what we want creditors of failed financial institutions to have when their bank closes and they still have an outstanding account balance to recover. Such realistic expectations allow creditors to take appropriate action that leads to minimum risk and maximum recovery.

Failing to plan is often considered planning to fail. This statement is very true when it comes to compliance with government regulations that are difficult to understand and apply to personal circumstances. Therefore, this FREE Case Evaluation for creditors in international bank failure provides them with a practical and hands-on road map to recovery during the statutory administration, deposit insurance and bank liquidation stages.

There are several questions every account holder has when his bank account is blocked. The most important are:

  • Is my money safe now that the bank is closed?
  • What are the procedures to get my money back?
  • When can I expect to receive a refund of my account balance?
  • Is deposit insurance available and when can claims be submitted?
  • What alternative options are available to get my money back?
  • What can I do when my account balance exceeds the insured limits?

These and many other crucial issues are discussed during a personalized and FREE Case Evaluation that ultimately helps creditors to reduce or even eliminate the risk of claim rejection, protect their investment and increase the chances of account balance repayment. At the end of this Case Evaluation you have the answers you need and understand what works and what doesn’t work today in matters of bank insolvency and deposit protection. But most of all, you know where to start to get your money repaid.

Who is This Free Case Evaluation for?

Individuals may live, work, and maintain financial relationships in different countries. As a result, advanced indistinctness and misunderstandings regarding rules and regulations may occur. Such difficulties are often encountered in cross-border distressed bank situations. In the unlikely event that a financial institution is forced to close, creditors are left in despair. This free case evaluation is available to all creditors of closed financial institutions that have activated their deposit protection scheme for account balance repayment. This service, however, is most beneficial to non-resident account holders and international creditors with accounts at privately owned financial institutions.

What is This About?

Deposit insurance covers account balances of eligible account holders up to a certain amount. A local Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS) may be activated by the supervisory authority when a financial institution fails or is likely to fail. The conditions for payout of insured account balances restrict eligibility and limit the duration and active status of the scheme. Consequently, account holders should avoid flaws and other misconceptions so that they can submit an immaculate DGS claim with high chances of approval and settlement.

Legal Floris LLC steps in to assist account holders when banks close and accounts are frozen. In particular, we offer asset recovery services to high net worth individuals and international (often offshore) companies. Deposit Guarantee Claim is the backbone of this recovery procedure and is the place where international bank account holders go to get their DGS claim approved. We believe that account holders should have the correct information needed to file a successful claim. Therefore, we provide all creditors with the guidance they need to get started. Most of these account holders hire us to strengthen their position and increase their recovery potential, even when their account balance exceeds DGS limits. This allows us to diversify recovery efforts and thus amplify repayment chances for our customers.

Here is What You Get And How it Works…

The Free Case Evaluation is held by telephone or via Skype. During this call, an outline is provided of the applicable DGS. Based on our practical experience with numerous deposit insurance programs in different jurisdictions we highlight pitfalls and provide creditors with several pointers for them to consider. Theory and tactics, the mechanical details so to say, are discussed with you. For assistance with the practical implementation and compliance with the applicable rules, eligible account holders can contact us for assistance.

Regrettably in matters of deposit protection and bank liquidation, most effort is unmoored, reactive and random. It lacks a safe, sound and predictable recovery plan. If creditors decide to retain our services, we take them by the hand and ensure compliance with the conditions for claim submission and repayment. This includes, when needed, assistance with the opening of a bank account to receive the DGS repayment, reactivation or restoration of the account holding company, completion of the claim form and other relevant documentation, and the reinspection of rejected claims.

Why Do You Need a Free Case Evaluation?

To be fair, most of the information needed to submit a DGS claim is available and freely accessible for designated creditors. The interpretation of jargon and academic descriptions, however, can be difficult. Misinformation and false assumptions contribute to this indistinctness. As a result, many creditors miss out on opportunities presented to them to recover their assets. Moreover, our customers appreciate the structure we provide and the efficient process of completing the work that results in the repayment of their account balance. If creditors have the right information, they can act accordingly. This Free Case Evaluation helps to do just that!

Need Further Assistance? We Can Help…

This Free Case Evaluation describes how creditors in international bank failures can understand and adopt the appropriate asset recovery procedures. It is a stepping stone. Most creditors, however, are unwilling to take the risk of endless procedures, frustrating communication with authorities, and possible claim rejections. Thus, Legal Floris LLC provides you with knowledge, control, confidence, and peace of mind while we help you file claims during statutory administration, deposit protection, and bank liquidation procedures. Since we only charge for our services if the DGS claim is successful, creditors feel confident enough to retain our services after they partake in the case evaluation. Yet, we cannot work for everyone and carefully choose our clientele. From a practical standpoint, time constraints and professional limitations we are unable to assist all creditors with their DGS claim submission. Therefore, don’t miss out!

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