No Cure No Pay Services

Bank failures often surround themselves with mystery and ambiguity. Fortunately bank failures don’t happen that often. The result is that controlling bodies are not always familiar with the procedures to follow. This can cause a lot of frustration.

Hiring a third party with a strong focus towards different bank failures can be beneficial. Legal Floris LLC is trained in the banking and legal sector, has worked inside banks and the courthouse and therefore knows the routes to follow. Combined with years of experience in bank failures makes us a partner easy to work with.

Since we trust our vision, know and understand the processes involved and are confident that the legal system is on our side, we offer services for those involved in bank failures on the basis of No Cure No Pay. In short, it means that if you qualify to be our customer, you only have to pay us when you have the blocked funds on your account again. Freely accessible to you, without any counteraction.

Our intent is to create synergy. Synergy helps us to deliver high quality and personal service against very affordable fees. To find out of you qualify for our services as well, please complete the contact form below. One of our employees will contact you at short notice to discuss your individual case. Even if your bank failure is not yet mentioned on our website, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our m.o. is always the same; we investigate the background of the bank failure and find ways that help you to get your money back as quick as possible.

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