No Cure No Pay Services

In spite of all the fancy promises made by the bank and the associated regulatory efforts, account holders just want their money back when their bank goes under. It is simple as that. In order to get their money repaid within a reasonable amount of time, creditors need a superior recovery plan. The appropriate plan depends on the specific circumstances of the failed bank and must be tailored to the needs of those impacted by the closure of the bank. For this, deposit protection is one of the most important steps in the resolution strategy which must be handled with care to avoid expensive experience.

Deposit Guarantee Claim was launched in 2016 by Legal Floris LLC. It represents just one step in the bank resolution and asset recovery process. Yet, a mission critical step for bank customers seeking full repayment of their account balance. The importance of deposit protection and the impact of disqualification or claim rejection is often overlooked. Therefore, this website provides the information necessary for filing a claim, as well as helping a specific clientele to recover their money. Even when the balance of the account exceeds the insured limits by deposit protection. Over the years, we have helped thousands of bank customers all around the world to retrieve their account balances. This is why this service is considered the place to be for international bank account holders to get their DGS claim approved, guaranteed!

No Cure No Pay Services

In order to restore consumer confidence, bank resolution regimes aim to ensure financial stability. A deposit protection scheme contributes to the stability of a domestic financial sector by minimizing the risk of loss for account holders. Creditors often feel victimized by bank closures and need to rebuild their faith in the system. The main goal of these victims should be to recover their money. This is not always easy and therefore Legal Floris LLC provides eligible customers with a done with you, no cure no pay asset recovery package. Account holders only pay for success!

There are several reasons why we allow our customers to pay us only upon success. These include but are not limited to our specialization, experience and economies of scale. Our business model demands that we work consistent and efficient and deliver on our promises. That is immediately what benefits our customers the most. A win-win situation!

Who is this for…?

Non-resident account holders and international creditors who bank with privately owned financial institutions, placed under statutory administration by its regulator. This statutory administration is often justified by the assumed and alleged wrongdoing of the bank and the facilitation of money laundering. Customers of the bank, and in particular those living outside the jurisdiction are in particular vulnerable for lengthy procedures with unpredictable outcomes.

This system is meant to achieve results for eligible creditors. It avoids empty promises, removes false assumptions, eliminates unnecessary costs, and is a time saver. Your Deposit Guarantee Claim submission is built on the foundation of years of experience. It leverages the international interpretation of bank resolution and ensures that claim rejection and expensive mistakes by other creditors are avoided.

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