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Creditors of failed financial institutions need their money back. This can be achieved in several ways. By combining these strategies, creditors can strengthen their position, reduce financial risk, and increase the chances of repayment. It is the responsibility of authorities, such as a liquidator or a special administrator, to verify the eligibility of claims. An understanding of the administrative frameworks, backed by evidence that has stood the test of time, is essential to building an adequate case for claim submission. It helps claimants to keep as much control as possible over factors beyond their control.

Regulators often justify their secret actions against a financial institution as confidential to protect the public interest and avoid depreciation of value of the institution. Bank accounts are frozen and payment facilities blocked when statutory administration is imposed. Account holders and other stakeholders often wonder why they were not informed about a resolution decree when a bank is forced to close. They assume that their disbelief and anger are a result of unclear information and premature regulation. Regardless of who is to blame for the current situation, a personal recovery plan must be formalized to guide creditors through the complexity of bank failure.

Most account holders of privately owned financial institutions that are closed by a regulator do not have the same resources as the wealthiest customers of the bank. Smaller creditors, as a result, cannot always pursue the same legal action. Regulatory indifference and outrageous negligence from the side of the regulator and the bank often turn a bank failure into a nightmare with severe financial repercussions. This is the main reason that smaller creditors need reliable, predictable and consistent systems that affordably and efficiently provide them with a result based and stress free environment for asset and fund recovery.

Build Your Case and Recover Your Account Balance

This situation of uncertainty is in particular unfair for smaller creditors. Nevertheless, the stages of statutory administration and deposit insurance provide a number of stable ways to recover large parts of, and often the entire outstanding balance of account holders. Despite this, it is not always easy to avoid misconceptions and unrealistic expectations. Instead account holders should uncover the real strategies and genuine shortcuts that make their claim into a predicable campaign. This is especially true for creditors who don’t experience bank insolvency that often.

The conditions for repayment of account balances and insured deposits may very per jurisdiction. Special administrators or a liquidator can decide that claim submission is done in person or by affidavit. This is especially time consuming and inconvenient for international account holders. Common elements in all repayment plans is that an original claim form must be submitted together with a proof of debt and a proof of claim. Failure to provide the requested information within the indicated timetable always results in a claim rejection.

For the novice, administrative and legal procedures are often difficult to understand. This can lead to mistakes in the claim filing process. Additional limitations include the use of difficult industry jargon and time constraints. Generally, a claim for repayment of an account balance can be made once, and a rejection by a treasurer can be appealed. Final rejections often result in a claim being subordinated. This could result in further losses. For creditors who cannot afford even the slightest mistake in their claim submissions and need their account balances repaid immediately, Legal Floris LLC launched the Deposit Guarantee Claim system. Having over 10+ years of experience in the bank insolvency industry, we are able to determine the appropriate and result based course of action. Best of all, there is no charge for the service that helps you Build Your DGS Case, File Your Claim and Get Paid unless and until your claim is awarded and the (insured) account balance repaid into your bank account!

Administrative Compliance to Ensure Successful DGS Claims

Bank deposit protection can be compared with traditional insurance policies. These policies cover financial loss incurred by uncertain events for eligible policy holders. Conditions for payment of the insured amount depend on several factors. These rules are specified in a collection of directives, laws and binding regulation. Not always easy to unravel and for those account holders with unconventional and international claims.

The objective of account holders in claim filing procedures is to get their money back. Therefore they must comply exactly with the conditions laid down by the administrators. To ensure that submission and verification leads to approval for repayment, claimants must pay close attention to these conditions. Final claim rejection is often the result of incompleteness, false assumptions and carelessness. As a result, Legal Floris LLC helps claimants to comply with every single requirement that satisfies the DGS administration.

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