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The closure of a financial institution has an impact on different types of creditors. Regulators have a diverse pallet of measures to resolve challenges in distressed financial institutions. Without any public or private announcement, a resolution decree follows the (likely) failure of a financial institution. The decree has the primary objective to safeguard the interests of creditors and maintain public confidence in the financial system. Bank panic must be avoided. Financial stability must be promoted. As a result, the bank is placed under statutory administration, a resolution plan is formulated and implemented, and eventually deposit insurance is provided to eligible account holders.

Legal Floris LLC provides (international) creditors affected by bank failure and investment fraud with fund recovery services that help them get their money back. These creditors hire us help them achieve results. To achieve this objective and maximize the recovery potential, we combine several time-tested and proven strategies that consistently helped many people like yourself get the same results you desire.

Our Clients

The failure of a bank can be a lengthy and difficult challenge for creditors. Uncertainty about the future prospects of a resolution often leads to frustration. For international customers of non-systemic financial institutions this indistinctness is even furthered. They have to deal with foreign regulators in unfamiliar legal systems with unpredictable outcomes. This group of creditors needs our services most. We can best define who we work for on the basis of the following features:

  • Financial Institutions: these are privately owned supervised financial institutions of non-systemic importance. These banks often provide financial services to an international audience of affluent customers, high net worth individuals, offshore companies and other location independent professionals.

  • Reasons for failure: The bank supervisor allegedly addressed regulatory violations, infringement of AML-CTF standards, or other breaches at the bank resulting in statutory administration.
  • Creditors: the customers of the bank, both private and corporate do not reside in the country where the bank conducts its business.

  • Our clients: most of our clients are non-resident creditors of the bank whose account balance is important enough to justify recovery efforts. On average, the size of their account balance is between 50.000 and 1.000.000 euro or its equivalent in USD or GBP, but creditors with claims outside these parameters are welcomed as well.

For account holders who fit into this category, this website is where they turn to get their DGS claims approved and account balances repaid. Deposit protection is an imperative part of the asset recovery process, but it is not the only option. We therefore offer the following services.

Our Services

We look at asset recovery as a multisided approach and leverage different strategies to ensure maximum repayment potential for our clients. These clients require an effective and cost-efficient way to get their assets returned because they are unwilling and often unable to write down their outstanding balance. Following the steps below, asset recovery planning is done one step at a time while considering all available opportunities:

  • Statutory Administration: special resolution frameworks regulate the recovery procedures for credit institutions in financial distress. Statutory administration is imposed to maintain financial stability, protect and enhance public confidence in the stability of the banking system, protecting bank account holders, minimizing the costs of resolution and avoiding unnecessary destruction of value, and the protection of public funds. A special administrator is appointed when a financial institution is failing or likely to fail. Simultaneously with the appointment of the special administrator, access to account balances is frozen and payment facilities are blocked. Within reasonable time, the special administrator may provide restricted access of balances to account holders via maximized outgoing transfers, bank checks, or a controlled process to return deposits. Legal Floris LLC helps eligible account holders to reclaim their assets during Statutory Administration procedures. More information on Statutory Administration visit this page.

  • Deposit Protection: financial institutions play an important role in society. The public must preserve confidence in the financial system. As a result financial institutions are supervised by a regulator and must ensure market discipline. Alongside capital requirements and supervisory review, these financial institutions must participate in a local deposit protection scheme to support bank deposits and minimize the risk of loss to depositors. Legal Floris LLC helps eligible account holders to reclaim their assets during Deposit Guarantee Claim procedures. For more information on Deposit Protection visit this page.

  • Collective Civil Action: Many stakeholders are affected by the closure of a financial institution. Creditors need a proactive approach to protect their interests. For most creditors, the situation they are in is new and unexpected. They can therefore benefit from group action at each stage of the bank resolution process in order to ensure maximum repayment and minimum risk. A collective action includes not only traditional civil actions, but also every attempt of a group to maximize the individual outcome for creditors. In other words, these creditors get synergy through leverage. Legal Floris LLC helps eligible account holders to reclaim their assets by collective civil action. For more information on Collective Civil Action visit this page.

  • Bank Liquidation: a special resolution and recovery framework is drafted for systemically important financial institutions. Privately owned financial institutions are resolved via national insolvency frameworks. Bank liquidation and dissolution requires the assets collected in and realized, liabilities discharged and the net surplus distributed to those entitled to it. Distribution of assets to creditors follows a predefined and successive hierarchy. This means that secured claims are prioritized over general creditors and account holders. Therefore, creditors should examine the possibilities of a staged recovery carefully. Legal Floris LLC helps eligible account holders to reclaim their assets during bank liquidation procedures. For more information on Bank Liquidation visit this page.

  • Aftercare: Never again. This is what we want for our customers when it comes to bank failure. We hear from many of them that they are relieved when they receive their money back and can move on with their lives. This is why we help our customers to structure their corporate and financial interests now and in the future, in an effective and efficient way. We seek to build long-term, long-lasting relationships with our customers that contributes to their success! For more information on Aftercare visit this page.