Most banks and credit institutions offer outstanding services to their account holders. There are times however when banks fail due to financial challenges, insolvency, or alleged misconduct. In this case, account holders become affected creditors. They need to receive a repayment of the money on deposit with the financial institution. This is not always possible in full and these creditors enter a very uncertain and unpredictable era. In this regard, Legal Floris LLC provides international high net worth individuals and (offshore) companies assistance to recover their money held with banks and other credit institutions by following a reliable, tailored and predictable asset recovery system.

Legal Floris LLC is a privately owned virtual advisory firm registered in the State of Delaware (USA). Its mandate to operate is filed under number 5783431. The firm is founded on the principles of academic education, hands-on industry experience, and group effort. To achieve the objectives of our customers we provide on-site and local services in the countries where assistance is required by account holders unable to access their bank account and other assets. Over 15 years of experience in the legal and (offshore) financial industry emphasized with experience for non-resident creditors in multiple countries allows us to utilize best practices from other countries and avoid expensive mistakes. The result is a well-designed recovery system tailored towards non-resident creditors tweaked and adapted along the way. This sustainable system took years to refine and provides for realistic and proven outcomes. You can read more about Legal Floris LLC and our values and beliefs in the extensive corporate profile available here.

Mission and Vision

The failure and closure of a financial institution triggers a cascade of events. Some actions take longer than others but in general bank resolution is a lengthy and time-consuming process. As time passes, the individual and distinct objectives of the bank and its shareholders, the regulator, and account holders gain altitude. Most creditors of the bank are unwilling and often unable to wait all too long to get their account balance and investments repaid. This is where local deposit protection safeguards the bank account balances up to the insured maximum.

What happens behind the scenes in bank failure and liquidation procedures has always intrigued us. Account balances should be protected and then returned to creditors as soon as possible. However, in reality the legal frameworks slow down repayment procedures and cause an overall lack of clarity for inexperienced creditors and unaware account holders. This also applies to the submission and final approval of a deposit guarantee claim, which unfortunately is by far guaranteed for every creditor. To combat uncertainty and promote predictability our firm believe is that specialized academic education in both legal systems, complimented by extensive experience with international DGS claim filing, in collective actions leads to synergy and increased creditor safety. As such, we seek to provide the public, and in particular our customers, with the appropriate information and understanding of bank failures and ultimately to build their case, file their DGS claim and get paid. Therefore our DGS claim filing service provides account holders with financial security and peace of mind

The mission statement for Deposit Guarantee Claim is to be the number one place for international bank account holders to get their DGS claim approved and their account balance repaid, guaranteed!

Deposit Guarantee Claim

Depositor protection serves as a priority repayment mechanism, which reimburses depositors and compensates account holders if a bank fails. It reduces and in many cases eliminates the risk of depositors losing their savings. Ultimately, this tempers the emotionally charged overreaction of creditors to start a run on the bank’s liquidity. The public is not notified in advance when a bank fails, which makes the activation of a strong deposit protection scheme essential. DGS funds provide swift access to liquidity of eligible account holders and are used to create a sense of solidarity between supervised and licensed financial institutions.

In the event that a bank fails or is likely to fail, the bank regulator will take over management and appoint a statutory administrator to stop capital outflows and to facilitate the orderly resolution of the financial institution. Local DGSs are activated when a regulatory authority determines that a member institution is insolvent or is unable, or is likely to become unable, to meet its obligations to its creditors. It is the responsibility of the DGS administration to notify account holders by making official announcements in the ‘National Gazette’, the bank and the regulator’s websites, in addition to posting notices on the premises of the respective financial institution. Claim filing procedures and deadlines determine the feasibility of a claim and its ultimate repayment or rejection. In order to reduce the risk of delays and disqualification, Legal Floris LLC helps account holders build their case, file their claim, and get paid.

The scope and nature of a deposit guarantee claim often requires account holders to be pro-active. Eligible creditors must complete and submit a claim form to the DGS administration and substantiate their claim with supporting evidence of account ownership. Verification of the claim only happens when the procedural requirements are met and the claim is filed within the claim filing timeframe. Depending on the jurisdiction and profile of the financial institution, claimants may be invited to file their claim in person at the premises of the DGS administrator. Especially for non-resident creditors and other foreign claimants this can be a lengthy, difficult, expensive and disappointing process.

Who Benefits Most from our Services?

Legal Floris LLC is exclusively involved in recovery procedures for non-resident creditors victimized by international bank failure. Foreign creditors can either hold a bank account directly outside their home country or can be one of the beneficiaries of an international business company with foreign bank accounts. If the bank or credit institution closes or fails, it triggers a flood of administrative challenges. Language barriers and opaque conditions for claim submission and account repayment exacerbate differences between legal systems and resolution frameworks. As such, Legal Floris LLC offers a step-by-step plan that can save time and money, prevent irreparable mistakes, and enable customers to secure prompt repayment via a local deposit protection scheme.

The single biggest frustration of creditors impacted by bank failure is not having unrestricted access to their account balance and bank facilities. Regulators and closed financial institutions often have conflicting objectives. The result is blurred, biased and inconsistent information provisioning leaving account holders in uncertainty. This is a troublesome situation for every creditor. This is however even more  problematic for international account holders.

Although this website provides detailed and up to date information about deposit protection to all creditors in bank failures, foreign high net worth individuals and offshore companies benefit the most from our services. Further segmentation is made to those creditors who absolutely need their money back but cannot retain expensive legal counsel. Their outstanding account balance is, so to say, too small for the table cloth, but too large for the napkin. The claim cannot be ignored and smart, predictable and superior strategies, tactics and systems are needed to produce the desired results.

Results Based Guarantee

Legal Floris LLC was built around consecutive, reliable claim filing procedures for creditors impacted by bank failure. As interested creditors can read in our corporate profile, our academic background and work experience is focused on the hazards of the international and offshore financial industry. Effective usage of our resources, processes and capabilities enable us to avoid working on projects and activities that do not fall under our core activities. As we specialize in this field, we only commit our time and effort into delivering the desired results to our customers. Customers we choose with care.

It is our firm belief that a systemic approach towards asset and fund recovery in bank failures starts with a deposit guarantee claim. Retaining external advice to recover funds that are rightfully yours may sound ludicrous. Yet, the risk of a permanent rejection of a DGS claim is a serious threat. Therefore, we use our industry experience to your advantage to remove any barriers you may have. This means that we work for you on the basis of ‘no cure no pay’. We do most of the work for you, we help you build your claim, help you file your DGS claim and make sure you get paid! Then, once the repayment of your insured account balance is effectuated and money is on your account again – freely accessible without restrictions – only then we will invoice you for our services! This also implies that we don’t stop before the DGS claim is honored!

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