About us

Deposit Guarantee Claim is an initiative of Legal Floris LLC, a boutique firm with a specialization in bank failures, investment fraud and corporate services. Legal Floris LLC is incorporated and registered in the USA but works globally. Although we have a strong focus on Bank Failures and Investment Fraud in Europe and the United States, we occasionally come across situations on other continents with different rules, regulations and practices.

The challenges victims in bank failures and investment fraud face are often diverse and go beyond just the financial damage. Therefore we aim to provide a total service package for stress relief. This includes financial – administrative assistance, legal assistance and obviously assistance to file your claim at the deposit guarantee scheme. We basically help you to qualify for pay out and we charge our fees afterwards, when the funds are safe on your account, freely accessible to you.

Since this website aims to assist those affected by bank failures, the information provided on this website is tailored towards this specific event.

The first stage of a bank failure is the activation of the deposit guarantee scheme, however, under ideal circumstances, a bank failure can occur without customers losing access to their funds at any point. To prevent panic that results in a bank run, no advance notice is given to the public when a bank fails.

This specific part of the legal and financial industry is the playing field of Legal Floris LLC. We monitor the markets and developments closely to be sure that we are always in the frontlines of any bank failure.

In bank failures those who are first in line have the best chance for maximum compensation. Even though the legal system aims towards equal treatment, daily practice shows that many things can go wrong. Every once in a while it happens that bank employees frustrate processes because they disagree to the measures taken or even banks’ management that blocks access to the administration for the administrator or liquidator. It is another urgent reason to file a claim to the deposit protection scheme as quickly as possible.

The European ‘Deposit Protection Scheme’ (DGS) covers bank deposits up to 100.000 Euro. The US ‘Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’ (FDIC) insures deposits in member banks up to 250.000 USD per ownership category. African and Southern American countries often use their own individual framework for bank deposit and customer protection or have no safety-net at all. In Australia there is a ‘Guarantee Scheme for Large Deposits and Wholesale Funding’ that covers up to 250.000 AUD under the financial claims scheme.