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Legal Floris LLC was founded in 2015 by Floris Alexander. To emphasize the personal relationship with our customers, the firm uses the first name of the owner, instead of the stylish family names of the partners of multinational accounting, advisory and law firms. This follows the perception to denounce traditional corporate hierarchies and business infrastructures where the owners of a firm acquire new customers and agreed work is executed by junior staff members or even interns and trainees. Ordinary people need extraordinary assistance when they encounter difficulties. They, in general, cannot afford to retain overly expensive advisers who outsource the most important parts of a defense. In addition, they cannot afford to retain a generalist, they need a specialist! Someone who knows the industry, its insider jargon, and understands how to get things done under extreme pressure.

Enter specialism… It is our firm belief that quality, and thus results, can only be warranted when firms do what they can do best. Therefore, our approach to business combines a trilogy of real-life business experience, academic specialization, and a result-based focus to creative and innovative solutions to navigate our customers through the most challenging times of their lives.

Legal Floris LLC: A Synonym for Offshore Fund Recovery

The fields of banking, finance, economics, and law all require specialized education. The vast majority of academic graduates start a career that matches their field of education. Industry overlap and binary knowledge is uncommon but can be very helpful for customers in need. However, the majority of professional advisers target a wide market with lots of different products offering everything to everyone. In reality it is practically impossible to satisfy everyone and a logical result of this approach is a decline in quality. That is the opposite of what our customers need. They require predictable results in a precarious financial situation.

Legal Floris LLC operates at the intersection of the legal and financial sector. A professional background in banking, finance, and the legal industry, is further substantiated by academic degrees in both law and economics. To maintain high service levels and maximize the potential outcomes of our actions, we narrow our focus on failures of privately owned supervised financial institutions in foreign jurisdiction who mainly serve non-resident customers. These financial institutions operate in offshore financial centers, or frequently transact with such jurisdictions. Conduct risk is their main hazard and an alternative risk profile drives the attention of regulators and the international community.

Globalization provides for greater international flexibility and contributes to economic welfare for businesses and consumers. Global value chains allow manufacturers to cost efficiently buy produce internationally and individuals can choose all type of services in a virtual and borderless society. To satisfy the needs of a demanding marketplace, offshore financial centers have a significant role to play. These offshore jurisdictions serve a legitimate purpose but can also be abused by illicit actors as a conduit for financial crime, tax evasion and money laundering.

Bank secrecy and local company laws in offshore financial centers provide an environment for wealth management and individual privacy. The downside of bank secrecy is a lack of transparency and because zero exposure is hard to find, the manifestation of vulnerabilities is reasonable. Financial institutions in distress that violate regulatory requirements or codes of conduct can be subject to further inspection by their supervisor. The outcome of such inspections may justify regulatory intervention. It is then that financial institutions can be forced to terminate the business activities at the expense of their customers. After the resolution decree is assumed, an avalanche of difficult to unravel – and for outsiders often impossible to understand – actions are taken by regulators. The bank is closed to protect its value and critical functions, account balances are blocked and other bank facilities restricted.

For local bank customers, the unannounced closure of their bank is difficult. Non-resident and other international creditors experience not just inconvenience, for them this is a grievous nightmare. This group of international creditors is who we assist in their encounters with regulators, statutory administrators, liquidators and the bank itself. We help them to get as much of their money back via a time-tested and proven multi-sided recovery plan. Most of our customers are individuals and international business corporations. They are as we say, ‘too large for the napkin and too small for the tablecloth’. Their budget prevents them from engaging a high-ticket firm and because of the risk involved, they also cannot retain a generalist. They need a specialist. With a strong and independent focus on asset recovery for creditors of failed foreign banks, Legal Floris LLC fills this gap.

Core Values and Beliefs

We base our overall asset recovery strategy on the following values and beliefs. High standards allow us to focus on what we do best. Furthermore, these authentic principles support the mission-critical role of the Deposit Guarantee Claim in achieving the desired results for our customers.

Result-based Personal Approach: individual consumers place a high value on their incomes and other assets. Their wealth is the foundation on which they construct their lives and build their future. Access to their accumulated finances can be restricted, or worse, get lost. In these emotionally loaded circumstances, they need a solution to mitigate risk and regain access to as much of their assets as possible. Financial privacy is the greater good. Therefore, these very creditors need a professional adviser they can trust to help them fix the mess they’re in. We advocate the notion of people first. This means that we take every customer serious and give them direct access to our founder who handles their case and ensures maximum recovery. Straight to the top with a result based personal approach.

Education: familiarity with and a strong understanding of the applicable legal and financial systems enables a rapid understanding of the underlying public policy and internal processes. Moreover, it allows us to enter discussions with regulators, administrators, liquidators and other stakeholders at the appropriate levels. This is needed to maintain a focus on the objectives of our customers. Legal Floris LLC therefore exclusively collaborates with likeminded academic professionals. To clarify, the academic resume and some background information of our founder is available here.

Diversity & Flexibility: bank failure and resolution is a complex matter. Repayment to account holders and other creditors can happen during statutory administration, deposit protection, bank liquidation and via alternative civil action. Since there is always a dependency on third parties for approval, creditors ought to strive for different methods to reclaim their assets. In order to comply with the fast-changing and particular guidelines of the regulator, statutory administrator, or liquidator, a flexible approach to asset and fund recovery is necessary.

Efficiency: cross-border asset and fund recovery systems must be targeted to achieve the desired results for creditors. The most important point of departure are those recovery actions with the highest probability of success. Optimal resource allocation allows for cost-efficiency, time-savings and a multi-sided approach to ensure maximum repayment. This also allows us to work on the basis of no cure no pay for matters that involve deposit insurance.

Experience: most legal professionals have the necessary credentials and prerequisite education to provide services in their field. Even though a profound understanding of academic theory is a good start, it is insufficient to guarantee maximum repayment for account holders and other creditors in bank failures. Legal Floris LLC exclusively works for creditors of international bank failure and investment fraud. Since 2015 we assisted hundreds of account holders and investors to get their money returned. These creditors held bank accounts and investment portfolios in different countries and with various financial institutions. As a result we can leverage comprehensive theoretical understanding with extensive and real-life experience to deliver time-tested and proven solutions to our customers.

What is Deposit Insurance and Who Needs it?

This website is about bank deposit protection for account holders of licensed credit institutions. These mandatory protective measures are imposed on banks and credit institutions who participate in local deposit protection schemes. Deposit protection schemes are independently established agencies administered by its respective regulator, often a central bank. The protection of account balances has a number of objectives and one derogatory aspect. The purpose of deposit protection is to promote the stability and public confidence in the financial system. The downside of such an ‘insurance’ is the reduced incentive for account holders and creditors to penalize the bank for excessive risk taking, detrimental behavior and illegal activities.

Financial institutions that are insolvent or incapable of repaying account holders and other creditors on demand are initially placed under statutory administration. The deposit protection scheme is triggered when the bank fails or is likely to fail, and there has been no quick solution to the issues. Claim submission, verification, and settlement is governed by strict administrative protocols, whilst the scheme is only active for a limited period of time. One of the most common misconceptions is that every bank account qualifies for deposit insurance. However, the criteria for eligibility vary from state to state. Creditors may see their claims rejected when they submit insufficient documentation.

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