Statement of Particulars for FBME Bank customers

There has been a lot of indistinctness that relates to the statement of particulars for FBME Bank customers. FBME Bank tried to delay the payouts of the Cyprus DGS by using bold statements and false claims on their FBME Ltd platform. The central bank published an announcement on their website to refute the version of FBME Ltd. and another explanation is available here.

The statement of particulars provides evidence and information, the central bank needs to verify the identity of the customer and to get assurance that the correct individual or entity receives the DGS funds. To be able to reward the correct amount, FBME Bank needs to provide the correct account balance and account information to the central bank. Due to a labor dispute, employees of FBME Bank obstructed the information gathering process for the central bank that resulted in a delay of payments.

The statement of particulars does not violate any law. Specifically since FBME Bank is placed under resolution by the central banks. In short, FBME Bank or any of its beneficiaries has no control over the operational side of business since 2014. It is peculiar that people only assume that the central bank does not have access to the customer base of the bank she palced under resolution.

Since the 15th of June 2016 there seems to be a change in collaboration between FBME Bank and the central bank of Cyprus. Things have changed to the positive because there finally is light at the end of the tunnel, but for the banks’ customers the process gets a little more complicated. In need of help, read the article on FBME Bank Cyprus on this website and contact us for further assistance on the basis of no cure no pay, a result based method.