FBME Bank Ltd.

FBME Bank Ltd. is the holding company that used to manage the Federal Bank of the Middle East until mid 2014. The main office of the bank is located in Tanzania. The main office holds the banking license. Due to the technical infrastructure and access to the European transaction and payment systems, 90% of operational business of FBME Bank was executed via the subsidiary FBME Bank Cyprus.

In an effort to inform the banks customers, employees and the general public FBME Bank Ltd. set up information portal fbmeltd.com. This website discusses the FBME story from the point of view of FBME Bank officials since July 2014 and shared the displeasure of banks management on the methods used by the central bank of Cyprus.

Since FBME Bank in Cyprus and the main office in Tanzania are placed under resolution, FBME Bank Ltd. has no control anymore over the operations of the bank. It is therefore that the holding company is part of both court cases at the ICC in Paris (against the central bank of Cyprus) and in the USA (against FinCEN).

In contrast to what is believed, both of the above mentioned cases in court cannot and will not force the central banks to re-open the Federal Bank of the Middle East main office, branch and its rep office in Moscow. Both cases only discuss the responsibility and therefore liability.

Bank customers who want their funds returned can issue their claim with the administrator of the Cyprus Deposit Protection Scheme. This DPS is administrated by the central bank in Nicosia. Account holders have to identify themselves in person and sign the statement of particulars in presence of the employee of the central bank. If the account holder is a company, the beneficial owner as known in the legal documents of the company (only when the individual is known in the records of FBME Bank) can act as a proxy on behalf of the company.