DGS Payout for FBME customers starts 15th of June

In a statement made the 14th of June 2016, the management committee of the Central Bank of Cyprus’s depositors guarantee scheme said that authentication process of data and documents submitted by depositors of the Cyprus Branch of the FBME Bank and beneficiaries will begin by “authorised persons” on June the 15th.

The procedure to authenticate is an addition to the regular directive to faciliate payout to bank customers. Authentication of data and documents takes place at the Nicosia offices of FBME Bank, which had its licence withdrawn by the Central Bank in December after it was linked to money laundering and terror financing, the supervisory management committee said in an emailed statement on Tuesday.

“All depositors are asked to visit the FBME offices during working hours from June 15 onwards, to submit their statements and pertinent accompanying documents,” the committee said. “Provided depositors receive the certification by persons authorised to do so by the special administrator, they are asked to proceed to the Central Bank with all related documents for the further evaluation of their documents”.

Depositors who already submitted their documents to the Central Bank by Tuesday, June 14, are not required to carry out the procedure, the committee said.

“In case of legal entities, it is specified that data statements have to be submitted by persons authorised to manage a certain account at FBME and are included in FBME’s records as such, or the ultimate beneficial owners,” as shown by the FBME archive, the committee said. These beneficiaries are described as ‘Proxy’ on the statement of Particulars from the central bank.

The committee added that the procedure is in accordance to its April 9 statement in which it notified of its decision to trigger the depositors’ compensation procedure. The Central Bank working hours are 8 am to 13 pm while those of FBME are 9 am to 13 pm.

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